Proposal PP-DE - 1) Europe of the Citizens

The german PP developp a summary of their main programme pionts for the European Elections. The idea of the different message posted on discourse concerning the proposals is to discuss and to see if there is some other things youd’like to see or reformulation you wish to propose.

  1. Europe of the Citizens

Europe is not democratic enough. This we want to change and we want to develop the European Union to Europe of the citizens. Until now Europe is a project of the member states and not of its citizens. We PIRATES are assured that European Politics has to be aligned to the interests of all humans living within.

I propose to complete this point :

“Digital tools must serve of this democratic transformation, with this in mind we PIRATES support the advent of liquid democracy.”


I like the inclusion of liquid democracy in this point. It clearly is a step towards a more concrete point. I’d like it even better if we could propose some kind of concrete evolution.
Something like “we propose that a software is set up in order to facilitate liquid democracy for all european citizen. We propose that the Congressus software, built and already used by the PP-FR, is used as the seed and improved by payed professionals.”


Just for info, PPDE just including very basic elements. All which would go beyond it we deliberately omitted it. Part of it would be best elaborated elswhere so we could keep some bullet points so to say up front. Even parts which tend to be arguments or being close to it we considered them to be included in an argue liner. #simplified