26.08.2018 day of action :-) #saveyourinternet

Hello, board members,

You may have already heard it on several channels
On Sunday, the 26.08. (that is still well 7 weeks) a Europe-wide action day is to take place to the topic #saveyourinternet.

After coordinating the demo in Stuttgart

I was asked to take over the coordination, which I would like to do.

What is it about:
#saveyourinternet may be familiar:

There was an online petition that has already found several hundred thousand signatories. Furthermore there were demos and some other events on the topic on the two weekends before July 5th.

Julia Reda, who is fighting for the topic on the front line, proclaimed August 26 as a day of action in a speech, and we want to set an unmistakable sign on this day.

It is hoped that not only pirates, but also other parties, organisations and groups will appear together in order to achieve the greatest possible distribution.

What can you do in each case:

  • think up forms of action
  • Inform your glides, and motivate to participate.
  • informs other parties, alliances, organisations and groups and encourages them to participate
  • consider whether you can make an information stand (three people and a pavilion are enough, flyers will be available in time)

As pirates we want to be as visible as possible, of course, but the point here is not to invite others to a purat action, but to create a big and well visible protest together with many others.

I once created a pad for this:

And I ask you to give me feedback:

  • which outlines are participating
  • who is the contact person there
  • which other groups, alliances etc. we can address, gladly with contact person, or alternatively possibly personally known contact person to contact.

Time is short: seven weeks is very little time!

I am sure, however, that during this time we can put good actions on their feet and carry them out.

I’m available:

Let’s rock this thing!

Pirate Greetings

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