Where to find pedagogical video about EU-ETS?

Hello everyone !

I was wondering if we could gather datas around EU « Emission trade system » here ?
It is part Kyoto’s agreement from 1997.

From what I understood, extra-national companies have to pay their « carbon emission » to the EU, so EU can then help finance ecological project initiated by UE members.

My problem is that I only find corporate, official information.
I wish to deepen my view on that « money » with media content (Youtube), text content from internet user (Blog) or anything wider than what I’m able to find ?

I’m from France and most SEA and SEO pages by my search engines seem to be inefficient.
I’m not that good in researching information, this is why I need your help ! :smiley:

Thank you for reading this and no hard feelings if this is post is ignored and forgotten.

Have a nice day !