Protests against Art.11/13 just like against ACTA?

In case we lose today’s vote it is still possible to convince the plenary. But it would take protests throughout Europe just like against ACTA.

Would you support a call to organise protests on Saturday?

We are currently preparing a press release with Julia.

Patrick (German candidate for EU2019 elections)


Articles 11 and 13 adopted !

We are organizing a protest march in Berlin on Sunday, 24 June [updated]. Maybe that day can be proclaimed “action day” throughout Europe?

Call for protests:


It would make sense !

Would you join us with a protest march in Paris?

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I don’t know the process to make this decision, but I’m in favor. (ping @Conseil-Transitoire)

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I just realized that June 30th is Paris Gay Pride day.

Hi Nino, current plans for Berlin are Saturday, 23rd.

Nice, thanks for the update :grinning:

Dear Nino,

Sunday it will be. Here the call for action (draft text):

Still hoping that others will follow suit.

Best regards


Please note that protests have been announced in Berlin, Stuttgart, Poland and Sweden so far:

It would be good to announce an international action day the coming weekend and ask all countries to participate. Any chance we manage?


We should develop a general approach towards - upload filters are just one example of it.