Proposal X) Environment

Continuing the discussion from Agriculture, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries:

better late than never, I propose some restructuring of the topics with environmental connections and inclusion of (additional) environmental issues:

** Agriculture, forestry, fisheries, aquaculture & biotechnology**

  • This contains issues relating to food and other exploits from nature, with biotech being terrestrial or marine.
  • I have removed ‘Maritime Affairs’ because does not logically fit in there and its subcomponents easily fit in with other topics.
  • Of course, biotech could also be placed somewhere else, such as ‘Environment’, ‘Health’, ‘Economy/Industry’ or on its own?

Climate, energy and mining

  • I have added mining because it combines with non-renewable resources from oil and gas exploration and it just needs to be added something on ‘mining for minerals’. This applies to terrestrial and marine (aquatic) mining.


To ensure that environmental issues are dealt with consistently and independently of trendy and/or ‘short-term-economy’ driven issues connected to the environment, a systematic focus on the following should include statements on

quality of

  • water, i.e. ground water, freshwater (lakes, rivers), seawater (coast, open ocean)
  • air,
  • soil and
  • the living environment (animals, plants, fungi, microorganisms)
  • did I forget something?
  • interaction between the above.

As major obstacles when working on environmental issues, the following should be tackled:

  • lack of transparency regarding environmental science and monitoring;
  • gradual decline in independence of scientific research due to current funding politics

Other ENVI stuff

  • ?
  • ?

Further loose ends from ‘Maritime Affairs’:

  • ‘Shipping’ … that makes sense in ‘Transport’?
  • ‘Tourism’… could that be connected with ‘Transport’ or stick it to industry/economy-stuff?

I wish you all a fine session in Barcelona.