Proposal PP-DE 6) Digital Agenda for Europe


The german PP developp a summary of their main programme pionts for the European Elections. The idea of the different message posted on discourse concerning the proposals is to discuss and to see if there is some other things youd’like to see or reformulation you wish to propose.

  1. Digital Agenda for Europe

Goal is the free and equal access of all citizens to the Internet.

We stay for a pan-European development of a fast Internet. We demand a bandwidth of 1,000 Mbit at minimum.

For this it is necessary to establish an own European hardware industry to ensure the development and reliable production of technical devices which comply the European Data Security Standards for the international markets.

Alternative or additional point

It is necessary to establish secure and approved procedures of certification for reliable hard- and software products on the international markets.


Are there currently active industries in Europe building computer stuff? I thought most of our digital hardware was imported from Asia.


In my point of view an European hardware or/and software industry won’t be establish unless we’ll buid a volontary european politic for open source / open hardware.


My proposition around a digital school book in France for the young children and students create this need.


Digital is now central in state security:

I think EU can play an important role here as a provider of technology respecting privacy of its users. EU is in a good position here - because of the privacy laws (which are regarded as very good) and also because a good spying technology requires conspiracy between the companies and governments and in EU it would be very difficult to coordinate that between all the states and a unilateral spying program from one of the countries would be unacceptable for all the other members.

I agree that this also should be based on open source / open hardware because this is the only option for technology that secures its users from its creators.


I’d like to contribute to Open Data. As a member of Brno city parliament I got heavily involved in the topic. We have incorporated the concept into the municipal strategic documents and we also have an open data portal and a CKAN catalog ( More importantly though we got internal directives describing how the data should be harvested and published. I have gathered quite a bit of experience along the way and I stand ready to support the EU parliament boarding party :).