Proposal PP-DE - 3) A Europe of Solidarity


The german PP developp a summary of their main programme pionts for the European Elections. The idea of the different message posted on discourse concerning the proposals is to discuss and to see if there is some other things youd’like to see or reformulation you wish to propose.

  1. A Europe of Solidarity

Nations which are concerned by a refugee crises must be supported solidarity by the other Nations. The reception and care of the refugees is a pan-European issue within the frame of our common values.

The Nations of reception has to repaid their expenses. The infrastructures of refugee care have to be created and operated as a collective duty.

Acceptance procedures has to be done fast and accepted refugees has to distributed than fair to all member nations of the European Union under account of the will of the concerned refugee.


I tend to agree with all points tending towards global laws and global actions in the European Union. However, I have two questions regarding this point :

  1. What do you mean by “fair” redistribution? How would this be calculated ?
  2. How do you combine a “fair redistribution” with the “will of the concerned refugee” ? I don’t think the refugees will think of the fairness regarding the countries. (Which I can understand, btw.)