Migration & Asyl


Info for the Working Group just answer the theme if you want to work on this part of the discussion.


I do want to work on this part.


Good then we will set up a meet and work soon


https://ppeu.piratenpad.de/MigrationAsylumPolicies here are some allready done and to do stuff.


Next Meeting will be here, ====Migration and asylum policies====
: subpad:https://ppeu.piratenpad.de/MigrationAsylumPolicies

The meeting will take place on the Mumble NRW - Channel PPEU - “We need to talk CEEP 2019” Thursday 05.07.2018 20:30 CEST
For any question please contact mickeyy_sinclair@yahoo.de


Hi, I do understand the Migration is a pretty difficult topic, where consensus among different European countries might be difficult to reach, therefore I could pose as a stand-alone topic for CEEP, however I still do think, that Migration can’t be delt with aside of Foreign Policy.

I propose and recommend that either we closely link these two working groups i.e. the program in these two areas, or we merge them altogether.

PS: Please add me as a member.


you answered to the list your in^^