Migration & Asyl

Info for the Working Group just answer the theme if you want to work on this part of the discussion.

I do want to work on this part.

Good then we will set up a meet and work soon

https://ppeu.piratenpad.de/MigrationAsylumPolicies here are some allready done and to do stuff.

Next Meeting will be here, ====Migration and asylum policies====
: subpad:https://ppeu.piratenpad.de/MigrationAsylumPolicies

The meeting will take place on the Mumble NRW - Channel PPEU - “We need to talk CEEP 2019” Thursday 05.07.2018 20:30 CEST
For any question please contact mickeyy_sinclair@yahoo.de

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Hi, I do understand the Migration is a pretty difficult topic, where consensus among different European countries might be difficult to reach, therefore I could pose as a stand-alone topic for CEEP, however I still do think, that Migration can’t be delt with aside of Foreign Policy.

I propose and recommend that either we closely link these two working groups i.e. the program in these two areas, or we merge them altogether.

PS: Please add me as a member.


you answered to the list your in^^

I would like to put forward the following demands for the European election program:

International law must be fully implemented by the European states.

The agrarian and economic policies of the European Union must be geared to self-sufficiency, self-determination and raise added value in states of the global South. Business contracts have to be adapted to this goal.

Financial assistance under development aid must be provided directly to local organizations or internationally active non-governmental organizations.

Additionally education programs for refugees so that they can help with this knowledge in their country of origin and education programs for people in countries of the global South are to be financed.

Former colonial states must primarily support states of their former colonies.


Michael Berndt


Migration and asylum policy

Policies dealing with migration and asylum has to respect the human dignity of migrants and asylum seekers.


European Pirates demands a common european immigration policy that

  • enables ways of legal migration to the european labour market
  • language skills and other given skills of the applicants ought to be valued positively in the process
  • given certificates and professional qualifications should be recognised in a simplified way
    Humans born in Europe have a right of European Citizenship.


European Pirates demands a common european Asylum Policy that implements

  • all asylum seekers can apply only once for asylum in Europe
  • taking care of poeple whose application is rejected in a humanitarian way
  • freedom of establishment in Europe for those whose application was approved
  • if the asylum application is accepted, the possibility of family reunification should be promoted first
  • possibilites for applications on asylum should be introduces even outside of Europe, if accepted help ought to be offered


Born children of asylum seekers and immigrants should be given citizenship according to their place of birth in Europe, if so requested. The respective nationality of the parents can optionally be granted additionally. The statutus change from asylum seeker to possible migrant is mandatory.


This was our first meet up all information here will be used in Barcelona on the 21 of July at the meet up.

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Thank you, it was add to the global text of the CEEP :slight_smile: You can disregards my email of today!