Material for the EU election campaign 2019


Ideas and suggestions for the material for the EU election campaign - from pens to T-Shirts to posters - just a brainstorming - be creative with photos and drawings :slight_smile:


Europa%20Aufkleber -


Logo of the german EU19 Team



Our idea is for the moment for the EU election in this direction – please have a look at the pictures and the movie - What do you think and we are looking for a designer who could imagine to design the campaign. Is there maybe someone how can do it and would like to do it?





  • I like the idea
  • I do not like the idea
  • I have a completely different idea

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we have a complete campaign we designed for our national election, which we then didn’t use, as we couldn’t muster the necessary manpower to participate. It’s meant as a “feel good” campaign with a spot on concepts like home, sports, arts and so on in specific places. This can easily be adapted for europe, being together and having special places and traditions to partake.

Talking points are in german, but if there is interest, I can come up with some adaptations in english and/or several languages.

The small print is explaining the shown “slogan” in detail. So if you walk closer, you get a look at our election program.

if you wanna direct contact me, use
I’m a graphics designer but better 2D animator and audio engineer. I can do video, explainers, spots and stuff like that.


It would be great to have access to the sources of your productions to test different ideas. which licenses are used ?


It’s all CC0 Public Domain pictures. Everything else is made by me and can be used within / for PPEU.

Here is the link to the whole campaign. 4,35 GB, will be uploaded fully by 15.05.!K1dk0DbL!E9kxSbFdkpC6jt49s9iXEg


EU election campaign 2014 in Germany




As a minor point, I would appreciate, if the Pirate Party could reduce or even stop issuing merchandise made of plastic, especially if single-use (e.g. plastic pens).


If you want to have flyer like that in purple for your EU-Election campaign with your own text in another language please write to @ PetraStoll (Twitter) or petra_stoll (at) - We also have posters in the same design





If you want you can use this nice tool too :slight_smile: - -
It builds such graphics for e.g. Facebook and Twitter




Where to find the flyer in German :slight_smile: -


If you want to use which of these posters in the EU election campaign please write. Also possible in purple and gray and with your own text :sunglasses:










On the 23. March 2019 is SafeYourInternet demo day. If you would like to have the poster or social media graphics in the design and “in your language” please write- THX :slight_smile: