Checking the CEEP 2014



Think I better start as the old CEEP 2014 is the very basis of our common future work.

As for those being interested, the pad for our common work in this is available at

For any volunteers, just write down you name and contact in the pad.

I will send an invitation for our working group within these days.

Thank you



Good morning @ThomasG

I’m not volunteering for common work right now. However, i wish to know the meaning of “CEEP”.

See you


It means “Common European Election Program”. It is the common program adopted for the 2014 elections.


Hi @ThomasG,

why not, i’d like to know more about EU program and interactions between European PP.
So i’m gonna request an account on the pad.


Hi @popo,

the CEEP 2014 can be found at

I will copy it to the pad later on. And thank you @Aurifex for the explanation.

For the future common work between our PPs just see: (Will be in the wiki later on)


Hi all,
The FR trans. of the CEEP 2014 can be found here : Programme Commun Élections Européennes 2014 (Wiki)


Thank you!

I added the CEEP 2014 (English) into the pad []

So before we meet up all are invited to sign in into the pad and give comments on each section.

Proposed possible annotation could be:

: checked (for no changes necessary by default)
: amend (plus a comment if needed)
: delete (if the item is oblivious because of previous political actions)

These annotations need not be complete but gives us a headstart.


I could not add my name to the pad, but I am of course able to help out during the meetings as well. (


Thanks! You can subsribe to the pad as well. Think the admins will confirm it in due time!


For just all working on the subject for the EU19 elections and the rest monitoring it: Joyeuses Pâques! Happy Easter!

All the best to you all and your families!

Best regards