Agriculture, Maritime Affairs, Fisheries


The access to clean water, clean air and collectively organized use of natural resources is part of the universal human rights. Those rights are the scale to which social actions are compared to.

It’s not solely the goal of the agricultural and forestry sector, including fishery and gardening, to preserve those natural resources. Its goal is also to help the broad spectrum of natural resources (soil, water, air, biodiversity) thrive.

Fertile soil and healthy waterbodies form the foundation of our nutrition. In addition they have a tremendous positive impact on our eco system. Therefore any drawback in favor of a short-termed economic advantage has to be dispelled and not just subordinated to such.

Seeds are the spawn of self-determination. For that reason we campaign for a preservation of a diversity of varieties and an advancement of true-to-seed crops. The appropriate matter are open-source licenses, because patents on seeds are patents on life and therefore to refuse.

Pirates stand for diversity. Regional differences are Europe’s plenty and shall be able to prosper. Uniform standards are implemented where they are irreplaceable in helping to secure the health of people, animal and environment. We support a policy of short paths in the supply chain, ranging from produce to processor, from marketer to consumer. They are all responsible for a product.

International trade agreements have to be publicly and transparently debated. The food-sovereignty of each trade partner has to be respected and is not debatable. Our goal is to create long-term conditions in the agricultural sector that enable an exit of subsidies aimed at this sector.

We see the digitalization as a chance for agriculture, if it is to serves the majority and without any cuts in self-determination. Besides a technical point of view, potential social and economic consequences have to be discussed.

The right way for a positive outcome is an open and objective discussion incorporating all interest groups.


proposal from pirate party germany


That’s not a proposal, that’s a speech :disappointed_relieved:


when we have discussed the statements and find agreement, would you help to form them into political requirements?